Wonderhouse LLC.

Wonderhouse LLC Has A Diversified Portfolio

Wonderhouse LLCOnce upon a time there were a group of investors, each with a particular love. One investor was a sports entertainment fanatic. Another was a real estate guru. The third investor couldn’t get enough of film and TV, while the fourth was intrigued by anything involving energy. And the final investor was absolutely fascinated with the wonders of alternative medicine. They would go on to compose Wonderhouse LLC.

Each investor was passionate about a specific sector, and he planned his investments accordingly. Taking heed of the advice of many top analysts that you should put your money where your mind is (because then you are more likely to read the documents and follow the information about those industries), each investor invested with his heart and loved every minute of portfolio management. This was the genesis of Wonderhouse LLC.

While they enjoyed following their respective markets, in certain ways their personal interests limited the advancement of their business. You see, the markets that they loved were quite volatile, with many of the levers of the market outside of the control of the investors. To put it bluntly, the investments were impossible to follow—up, down, up, down—and, with their specialized knowledge, none of them seemed to be making any individual progress.

The investors, who were all friends looked at  their bio on Linkedin and lamented their fate to each other. However, they luckily had another friend who saw that, while individually their investments ended up flat, at certain points during their time frame the overall percentage improved as a total. He also found that the strengths of some industries cancelled out the weakness of others, hedging against big losses. Thus the business model of Wonderhouse LLC began.

The investors considered this, studied it, and found it to be true. They then joined forces and became Wonderhouse LLC and have enjoyed profits ever since.

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